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Artist's Statement

Hollywood-style fiction and advertising supply society with the idea of the fundamental right to happiness and the attainable ideal life, that inevitably disappoints every time the phantom slips away.

From memories of images or events that cause me pain or cause me discomfit, I create paintings, photographs and prints that are suggestive and imply the semblance of the memory. I hope this suggestion will resonate with the viewer in a way that causes similar thoughts to be brought to the front of their mind, instead of being buried away in their mind until a suitably dark and lonely hour allows them to escape.

The work is not pessimistic, it is pro-honesty and pro-reality. I see it as a way of promoting acceptance, responsibility and satisfaction.







Rosie's Recorder Recital Review

On Monday 4th of February 2008 Rosanna Gammon performed a recorder recital from the MXXXII Gallery at Leeds Metropolitan University



Rosanna started playing the recorder on 5th January 2008, she fell in love with the instrument, true love that will without doubt stand the test of time. She entered into a rigorous practice regime after discovering that she had The Gift. It was very important for Rosie to revisit her early musical influences of 90's pop music; the classic tunes she plays create for her a "metaphorical musical entourage".


The gallery, being a confined and unusual performance venue, imposes certain restrictions on the artist, Rosanna enjoys inhabiting such spaces. Luckily she does not suffer from claustrophobia she fills a space rather than feels trapped by it. She had already used the space for a previous conversation performance and felt that the most recent piece was a revisiting of the former but with "the gift of song". The front wall or door of the gallery is made of Perspex which obviously affects the acoustics of the music; Gammon felt that it was appropriate to "make tinny music in a tin".


The musical performance was well received by an overwhelming majority, one passer by commented "yeah, that's what you need more of". Rosanna was welcoming requests and although she did not always have the tabs for the request she would offer a substitution, for example Backstreet Boys for Hot Cross Buns. I requested God Save the Queen and it was a truly moving and delightful, not to mention pitch perfect, rendition.


Until now the gallery has been her smallest venue but she promises her adoring fans that she is "going to look into the pipeline". Further performances will be eagerly anticipated as the music the sincere and talented young star brings us brightens our days. Gammon operates a 'Skills not Bills' system, simply offering her services in exchange for help, gifts, information or anything she might need instead of payment in money. If you require her for any occasion consider what you could offer in return and it could happen.


Eleri Bates